Solving the Shortage of Plumbing Professionals in The Netherlands

Dutch homeowners have been finding it difficult to get hold of a good plumber to effectively solve the leaks, clogs and malfunctioning in their plumbing systems. Actually, there’s been a shortage of plumbing professionals in The Netherlands in recent years, and this has been confirmed in a 2019 report released by the Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen (UWV) or the Employee Insurance Agency.

Plumbing professionals with excellent and well-rounded skills have become rare as the housing industry has created a great demand for these professionals. While plumbers who learned their trade as apprentices abound, there has been limited of plumbing professionals who have the capability to trace the leaks and clogs to the very root causes of the problem.

Realty developers and construction companies have been building, or in some cases remodeling homes with new plumbing systems. They make sure they are hiring only plumbers with the highest level of knowledge and experience. Mainly because the plumbers of today do more than just plumbing installations and pipe laying works that they were tasked to perform several decades ago. The reality is that many of the pipes and drainages laid out long ago are now stressed, damaged and/or clogged over the years of accumulating sludge and pollutants. Nowadays plumbing professionals have to work with sewer control systems using sustainable and energy-efficient homes that can provide both hot and cold water supply. In many cases, they have to work with sustainable water-recycling systems.

As a consequence, ordinary homeowners faced with complicated plumbing problems have to look for these professionals in websites which specialize in connecting customers to the right plumbing service providers. The plus side to looking for plumbers through this particular website is that customers living in Heerhugowaard, and in neighboring communities are assured of finding a plumber who renders 24/7 emergency services.

Becoming a Highly-Skilled Plumbing Professional in The Netherlands

As the demand for highly skilled plumbers has become more pronounced, many took up vocational courses to enhance their skills. Apparently investing on additional education and proper training has great returns. UVW also reported that nowadays, a well-rounded and reputable plumber can charge as high as 80 Euros an hour, whilst working up to 80 hours a week. Anecdotally, some Dutch lawyers seem to regret the fact that due to the scarcity of plumbing professionals in the country right now, they might as well take up learning about traditional and modern plumbing systems. That way, they can make extra income as self-employed plumbers.

Even vocational schools are finding it good business to offer plumbing courses across the Netherlands. Some are even offering it in Russian language considering the increasing number of Russian migrants that have been taking up residence in the country.

Overview of Plumbing Vocational Training

A vocational plumbing training program teaches plumbers the proper way to install, maintain and repair plumbing materials, equipment and appurtenances including gas boilers, all in accordance with Dutch building plans, as well as with federal and local government regulations.

Completing a plumbing vocational course includes internships in plumbing companies to ensure that learners fully understand the importance of maintaining quality and safety sanitation facilities according to Dutch standards. Those who successfully complete the training course and the internship, will receive official certification attesting to their professional plumbing skills,