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Education is the primary thing that’s encouraging people to set themselves apart from what is right and what’s wrong. It’s because without education, it is almost impossible to achieve the goals we strive.

Basically, education is the only thing that’s bringing natural and lasting change in a person’s ability to attain their goal and reasoning skills.

It is what facilitating us to judge our own thoughts and considerations and prepare us in expressing it in varying angles and aspect.

Having said that, education is the foundation of to learn different skills and abilities and opening our minds to new concepts and ideas. These as a result make us a problem solver and seek innovation and development. Through education, we can pick up the capacity to handle and mange issues to attain lawful motives.

The Levels of Education

As a matter of fact, education comes in three forms and these are Formal, Informal and Non-Formal Education. In the next lines are bulleted list of how each form is different from the next.

Formal Education

It is formal education if it:

  • Involvement of educational institution
  • Follows hierarchy
  • Proper, full-time and uniform
  • Subject-oriented
  • Degrees/certification

Informal Education

With regards to informal education, it typically applies:

  • Practical adult learning
  • Diversity in content and methods
  • Mobilizes local resources
  • Built on the student’s participation
  • Real-life learning examples

Non-formal education

In most cases, a non-formal education is:

  • Very long process
  • Learning from experience
  • Learning from home
  • Learning from work
  • Learning from environment