If you have a green thumb, you will enjoy your plants and will be envied for your care skills. Those who do not possess these skills and still want to give the appearance of a green home still have the opportunity to switch to artificial houseplants and silk flowers.

For a long time they bore bad taste and were seen as an easy way out of the withering misery. But now artificial plants made of plastic are making a kind of comeback. More and more people are being convinced by them and decorating their homes. What are the reasons? What are the advantages, but also what disadvantages do artificial plants have?

Benefits of artificial plants

The undeniable benefits of artificial plants have long been ignored simply because they were considered frowned upon. In recent years, more and more people have opened up to the advantages of this type of decoration. Especially at public events of all kinds, their practical characteristics come into play. However, they are also increasingly moving into the home’s four walls.

Artificial plants are easy to care for

When we talk about artificial plants being easy to care for, we mean that they need virtually no care. From time to time to wipe the dust from the leaves is enough. You don’t need to water them, so it will never be too much or too little of the good. And this is a clear plus in our usually hectic and busy everyday life.

No diseases, no pests

Too often, real plants suffer from being watered too much. This often manifests itself in yellow-coloring leaves. Inexperienced hobby botanists think they have not poured enough water and pour even more water. The leaves actually dry out frequently. The reason, however, is not a lack of water, but excess water.

Because if the water cannot drain easily enough, waterlogging forms. Constantly wet roots rot quickly and can no longer absorb water. And so the plant dries up.

The location doesn’t matter

Sunny, shady or semi-shady? The artificial plant doesn’t care. Only the color could fade a little over time if it stands in the blazing sun every day. And where many real plants with shady locations can hardly befriend each other because they need sunlight for the formation of leafy greens, artificial plants serve as eye-catchers in otherwise dark and desolate corners. Especially in corridors and bathrooms without windows, artificial plants are increasingly the pot decoration of choice.

No biorhythm without organic

A disadvantage of natural plants: The partly colorful flowers are not preserved all year round. This biorhythm is determined by the seasons – and does not play a role in artificial plants. The artificial flowers may not exude a sweet fragrance, which some even see as an advantage, but delight the eye all year round.

Usually very durable

Artificial houseplants are very durable due to the above reasons. They are not affected by pests, do not fall ill and do not have a natural expiration date. The only requirement is that they are protected and not too often put outside. When they are exposed to wind and weather, unlike their organic models, cannot recover. If you are interested in growing cannabis seeds, you can save 25% by using this coupon code.