How the Educational Sector is taking Action during this Pandemic?

Virtually all K-12 schools operating in the United States have been forced to close last March this year due to Covid-19. Just overnight, parents, students and teachers had to shift to online learning. As for parents on the other hand, this made them to upgrade their kitchen by buying the best double oven gas range to accommodate the needs of their children in serving them the best food to absorb everything being thought in their online classes.

In fall of this year, many students, teachers and parents are doing their best efforts to safely navigate back to traditional classroom setting. It has not been that easy, given the fact that the transmission rate for Covid-19 is high.

When making any decision, states need to take into account the level of community transmission when they are introducing a reopening plan. Because of this, there are states that have opted to delay the reopening while some firmly stick to their decision of either going for online learning or in-person learning. On the other hand, majority left the decision to their health authorities and local districts. As a matter of fact, numerous districts are opting to go for hybrid of the two.

Among parents, this isn’t an easy move. According to a survey made by the New York Times, it showed that 1 in 7 parents are sending their kids back to school. 4 out of 7 have no assistance in teaching their children at home and more than half should educate their kids while keeping up with their full-time job. Every decision made eventually lead to economic impacts.

Impact of having In-Person Education

The AAP or American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending to have an in-person education. They firmly believe that the benefits are outweighing the drawbacks so long as precautionary measures are applied.

The primary concern of the AAP is losing educational progress while the students are absent from a classroom setting.

How In-Person Education Helps?

As per their data, there are many other advantages of going for an in-person education like the following:

  • Improves emotional and social learning
  • Providing health support both on behavioral and mental state
  • Offering lunches among low-income children
  • Personalizing support for student’s special needs

What about Online Learning Impact?

The major benefit of opting for online learning especially in these times is pretty obvious. It is minimizing the risks among children to be infected. Aside from that, this is limiting the spread of diseases among others.