Denmark Schools: Countries With The Letter D

It is no longer a secret that the Danes are pioneers when it comes to digitizing schools. The digitization of the Danish education system has even gone so far that the Abitur exam is being written on a laptop. Teachers and students alike have to master the technology and use digital media safely and skillfully.

Just do it: countries that start with the letter d

In Denmark, the digitization of schools was already a big issue 15 years ago. And while in other countries that start with the letter d there was a fundamental discussion about the usefulness of digital media in the classroom, the Danes simply started. In other words, they bought plenty of laptops to cater for all students. Large whiteboards hung up that can be connected to all devices. They used the enthusiasm of tech-savvy teachers to advance the topic. All in all, this has led to the head start that makes digital schools easy today.

Danish schools create structural prerequisites: countries that start with the letter d

countries that start with the letter d

Since hardware alone is not enough, Danish schools have also created the conditions so that teachers and students can work with digital media without any problems. It starts with the well-functioning school Wi-Fi. Every school member can log in with personal access. There are also sufficient charging options for laptops and tablets within the schools.

At least as important is the reliable software. Uniform software has been available for the Danish school system for years, which is made available centrally and which all schools use. To ensure that this goes smoothly, the municipalities even assign their own IT managers to support the schools. The synchronization of the software enables a problem-free exchange of the learning content. Above all, they have a central student portal that has been functioning and well tested for years.

Allow the “both”: Countries that start with the letter d

The typically German discussion about digitization mostly only knows black or white, i.e. the downfall of the West or the salvation of the world. A relaxed approach to change shows that it is not that one-dimensional. In Denmark, too, people have now learned that the combination of analogue and digital often leads to the best learning outcome.