Education: Learn Divination And Fortune Telling

There is a great fascination with fortune-telling. Numerous people, who deal more intensively with the topic sooner or later ask themselves the question: Can one learn fortune telling? The answer is yes. The prerequisite is sensitization for more conscious perception of people and the environment as well as learning certain techniques such as card reading or palm reading.

Divination and Interpretation of Dreams means taking responsibility

If you want to learn fortune telling and Interpretation of Dreams Ibn Sireen (تفسير الاحلام ابن سيرين), you have to be aware that there is a great deal of responsibility associated with this way of reading the future. You must acquire detailed knowledge of the various techniques as part of a seminar or course.

Before you conduct your first session, you need to know what, for example, the cards reveal and what they don’t. Basically, it is about tracking down the causes of problem situations and developing solution strategies.

The majority of people who are in a tense or difficult life situation seek out a fortune teller. Irrespective of whether it is a question of relationship problems, financial problems, or the threat of losing their job, most clients hope that after visiting the fortune teller they will have more clarity about their future prospects.

Divination on different levels

In divination, a distinction is made between different levels. Psychics who prefer a mental or spiritual approach first analyze the client’s situation. The primary aim is not to make precise forecasts for future developments, but to analyze personal strengths and weaknesses.

The aim of the session is to gain knowledge for the client, which leads to new solutions for problematic situations. Old patterns of thought are often broken and replaced by new ones.

Divination on the practical level is somewhat different. Although aids such as maps or pendulums also play a role in this method, these media are used as the basis for making concrete forecasts for the future.

The future is in flux

No medium or tool, whether it be tarot cards, or the lines of the hand, can predict a definite future. All tools only indicate how a situation develops if everything stays the same and no changes are made to one’s actions. The interpretation of the map images is based on the current situation.

Basically, people who want to learn fortune-telling must have good interpretive skills and be able to act intuitively. Too logical thinking is rather a hindrance with this method of predicting the future.