Education, Opportunities, And Salary For A Furniture Designer

The furniture designer is not a recognized apprenticeship. Nevertheless, there are numerous people who do this particular job. As a rule, furniture designers work on an independent basis. But there are also some who are employed by larger furniture manufacturers. The most important prerequisites for this profession are creativity and manual skills. Knowledge of mechanics and mathematics is also important. The lovingly designed furniture should always be able to withstand some loads in practical use. Therefore, knowledge of materials science is also beneficial.



In most cases, such a career begins with a carpenter’s training. This is of fundamental importance. During this training, you will learn how to use the typical materials that makeup furniture. The individual work steps, as well as the correct handling of the materials, should be mastered by the budding furniture makers. After completing the training, a corresponding course of study can then be started. There are various courses of study to choose from. So there are various students who furniture designers can prove. The basics in design are particularly important. When it comes to training as a designer for furniture, the theory of colors and materials is important. The eye must be trained to see how certain colors and shapes fit together harmoniously. Sometimes it can be a little difficult because your own ideas may not correspond to the preferences of the client.


A furniture designer will start by creating some interesting pieces of furniture. That means he has to make advance payment and hope that he can sell his furniture. Therefore, you should have a small cushion of capital and a lot of staying power. Finished furniture can be offered, for example, in a specially set up online shop. Setting up such a shop is no longer a big problem these days. It’s always about the furniture designer becoming known. How else should interested parties know that this designer exists and what kind of furniture they make? Then, over time, there is hope that specially commissioned work can also be carried out. These then bring a good income.


It is not possible to give specific figures. Furniture designers who work in larger companies often receive a performance-based salary. If they design furniture that generates a large turnover, the designers are usually rewarded accordingly. Sometimes, however, there are also product lines that turn out to be slow-moving goods. For this reason, employed furniture designers are always under enormous pressure to perform. Those who take the marketing of their designer furniture into their own hands can also set their own earnings. But there should also be a little moderation. If interested parties feel put off by a price that is set too high, it could happen that all the effort does not pay off. That’s why self-employed furniture designers should also be well versed in business administration.


A furniture designer is not a recognized apprenticeship. That is why there are no regulations regarding the scope of training. Some very skilled people do this job without any training. Others are completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter and studying design. The earning potential depends primarily on the demand for designer furniture.