FAQs On Heavy Duty Towing And Recovery Services

Whether you’re operating heavy vehicles like a truck, tractor or an RV, there is a possibility for you to get into an accident involving these oversized vehicles just like any other automobile on the road. If and when this does happen, the experience can be daunting. The good news is that you could contact a towing and recovery company where their professional services are geared towards heavy duty towing services and helping motorists get back on the road quickly and safely.

Heavy Duty Towing And Recovery For Large Heavy Vehicles

In the San Jose, Bay Area as well as its surrounding area, Heavy Duty Towing provides heavy duty towing and recovery services 24/7. With the range of equipment and tow trucks that they have and their trained and skilled operators who handle them, you will be provided with responsive, professional and friendly service that will meet or even top your expectations.

As towing vehicles with large sizes require the assistance and expertise of trained and skilled workers as well as specialized tools and equipment, it is imperative that you choose a towing company that can safely, efficiently and competently do the job, and Heavy Duty Towing can do just that every single time.

Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery FAQs

When it comes to heavy duty towing and recovery, there are frequently asked questions to get a better grasp and understanding on what these specialized towing service really is and who needs it. Let’s have a look at some:

What Kind of Vehicles Need Heavy Duty Towing Service?

When there is a need to tow, haul or move large heavy vehicles like trailers and semi-trucks, RVs and motorhomes, buses, garbage trucks, big rigs and other extreme vehicles, there is where heavy duty towing services come in. Additionally, in the event your vehicle is damaged because of an accident, getting a standard tow truck to take care of the job may not be enough. So you will most likely require heavy duty towing.

What Kinds of Equipment are Utilized to Tow Large Heavy Vehicles?

So as to efficiently tow big heavy vehicles, there is a need for power equipment. Typically, this would entail the use of pulleys as well as winches to efficiently and safely pull over-sized vehicles on the hitch or a flatbed. It is then secured with straps, chains, or pins.

What Methods are Used for Heavy Duty Towing?

Some vehicles could easily be raised onto the flatbed tow truck. But for large-sized vehicles like motorhomes and buses, a wheel-lift, hook, and chain system are required. In several situations, towing companies may place inflatables underneath a vehicle especially when it has rolled over, falling on its side. This way, the vehicle can be lifted and straightened

Will Damage be Caused to my Vehicle by Heavy Duty Towing Companies?

If you hire the service of a professional heavy duty towing firm with plenty of hands-on experience, you shouldn’t worry about any damage caused to your vehicle. Expert heavy duty companies are aware of the proper equipment and techniques to make certain the service is done flawlessly.