High Levels of Stress Noted Among American Teachers and Students

Teacher in a classroom filled with students. Recent studies revealed that both teachers and students in America are more stressed than ever, as teachers’ stress rates are higher in comparison to a 2015 survey. One of the main reasons why American teachers have been feeling stressed is the inequality of pay among educators combined with the long hours of work. Other factors that have caused an influx of stress levels in teachers include heavy workload, school decisions that lack concern over teacher welfare, overpopulated classrooms, and even involvement in current politics particularly during Donald Trump’s administration.

Another survey revealed that teachers who have been wanting to leave felt the job was not worth the disappointments and stresses that came with the profession. According to the educators, most of the stress came from tasks that involved managing students. Not a few admitted that they feared for their physical safety.

Stress Factors Affecting Students in School Environments

Student surrounded by books and looks stressed from reading one.The new studies revealed that the high levels of stress that learners have been experiencing on a day-to-day basis, are even affecting their academic performance. The survey revealed that students belonging to racial and religious minorities, were stressed about their safety and welfare. Apparently schools have become an unsafe place for them because of the previous Trump administration’s white supremacy influence and doctrines.