How the Education Sector is Reacting to Global Outbreak?

Different countries are at their own stages in fighting the infection rates for Covid-19. At the time of this writing, there are currently over 1.2 billion children in over 186 countries who were affected by the emergency closure of schools brought by the pandemic. Well basically, not only schools were impacted but countless businesses have suffered diminished sales such as

In Denmark, children who aged 11 and below are returning to schools and nurseries after it closes initially on the 12th of March. In South Korea though, students respond to the situation by taking an online class.

Major Shift Created by Covid-19

While we have drifted away from classroom setting in various parts of the world, some wonder whether adopting online education will keep on persisting even after this pandemic. At the same time, to how the shift is going to impact the education market as a whole.

Pre-Covid-19, there was high adoption and growth already in education technology with the global investments reach at over 18.66 billion dollars in 2019. As a matter of fact, the overall market is forecasted to reach at 350 billion dollars by the year 2025. Regardless if it is virtual tutoring, language apps, video conferencing tools or even online learning software, there’s been a big jump in usage since Covid-19.

How Education Sector Works its Way around the Pandemic?

Well, in response to the huge demand, there are tons of online platforms that are now offering free accessibility to their services which include platforms such as BYJU’S, a Bangalore-based educational technology and online tutoring company that was founded back in 2011. Right now, it is the highly valued and pristine edtech company in the world.

Tencent classroom on the other hand has been extensively used since 2nd week of February after Chinese government has instructed over 250 million full-time students to return with their studies by taking advantage of online platforms. This led to the biggest online movement ever in history of education with over 730000 or 81 percent of K-12 students are attending the class through Tencent K-12 Online School in Chinese province Wuhan.