How to Organize Your Stuff

Organizing your stuff should not be complex. Come to think of it, if you already fix it from the beginning and maintain every are or location, you will not be having a hard time organizing everything. Here are some tips in organizing stuffs:

  1. Do not accumulate. Many are actually guilty in gradually increasing their stuff. Though this is quite unintentional and kind of hard to notice earlier, this should be avoided. the main reason why a home or a house is not organized is because there are a lot of things. This does not mean that you should get rid of what you already have. However, a realization of not adding on the “pile” anymore should be there.
  2. Of course part of organization is grouping your stuff. You will be needing a lot of storage. Do not forget to also have a cabinet installed in your kitchen like wholesale shaker cabinets. Grouping your stuff and having storage for each of the group will also prevent you and other family member to put away things after usage.
  3. Also, a lot for a storage where you can put some mix stuffs such as small miscellaneous items and clothes or blankets that can already be donated.
  4. Chill. You cannot expect yourself to be organized all the time right after you fixed the bedroom or any area of the house.

Being organized is not about being perfect. You will have a lot of times that you will fail to do your best on maintaining how organized you are. Storing and organizing is like decluttering. All the stuff that is quite a visual pollution inside the home or near area, all the visible clutter should have a place to be stored or hide. Little by little, you will learn its process and the system will already be part of your routine.