Reported Government Schools In Indonesia Needs Immediate Repair

A couple of years ago, several Elementary School buildings in East Java (Indonesia) needs to get the attention of the Government of East Java Province. This is considering the continuity of students in obtaining learning in order to run properly.

The school whose building was damaged relocated the class that’s affected to areas less suitable for learning. However, they hope to rebuild the school soon, so that the learning process takes place comfortably and safely.

Ensuring that every school is a safe school in Indonesia

Other Schools That Desperately Need Repair

Schools in Jombang, Probolinggo, and Ponorogo also needs some repair

Mlaras State Elementary School

The roof of two classrooms at Mlaras State Elementary School, Sumobito District, Jombang, collapsed so that they could not be occupied. As a result, the students had studied in the bicycle parking lot for the past 2 months.

The collapsed roof is class V and VI in SDN Mlaras. The second ceiling of this classroom collapsed to almost nothing left. While the tiles have to be lowered so they do not fall.

Mlaras Elementary School Principal Adi Susilo said the roof of the two classrooms had collapsed since a year ago. At that time it rained on the Mlaras and surrounding areas. Luckily the roof crash incident that afternoon. So that 13 students in grade V and 20 in class VI were not affected by the rubble. (10/04/2018).

The damage to the roof of the classroom, which was just renovated 3 years ago, made the teaching and learning activities of class V and VI students moved to another empty classroom. According to Susilo, the empty classrooms are former Mlaras 2 and 3 Elementary Schools that have been merged by the government.

Susilo claimed to have submitted a proposal for the rehabilitation of the roof of the two classrooms to the Jombang District Education Office in July 2018. However, until now, assistance from the government has not come down.

Negeri Tongas Wetan

While in Probolinggo District, three classrooms in SD Negeri Tongas Wetan 4 almost collapsed due to damaged building construction. Ironically, these classrooms have not been repaired for two years. Tongas Wetan 4 Primary School religion teacher, Uslan said, the three classrooms that were almost collapsed were classrooms 3, 4 and 5.

In order to avoid danger for students and teachers, the school moved the teaching and learning activities to two other rooms, the prayer room and the library.

“The school has proposed improvements to the Probolinggo District Education Office, and it has been reported 9 times. But there are no signs yet to be fixed, “said Uslan.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Probolinggo District Education Office, Sentot Dwi Hendriyono explained, his party had detailed a number of rehabilitation efforts to be carried out. Among them are rehabilitation of the official residence of the teacher 2 units, a library of 1 unit, a study room of 40 units, an office of 1 unit, and a bathroom of 4 units.

There are also improvements to school facilities in 4 locations, in the form of paving and repair of school buildings, and the construction of 11 units of library space.

The local government said that all schools whose buildings need repairs should be reported immediately so that repair and replacements takes place as soon as possible.

Bottom line

Education is important. As it is in any part of the world. In the United States, schools are regularly checked because there is better communication when it comes to school facilities and the department of education. The local government sends out private agencies (like to get the job done. While it’s sad that not all nations of the world are able to meet the demands of education, we hope that in the future, local governing bodies put their priority in schools that needs repair for better learning.