Tips When Leaving Your Fur Babies At Home

Are you planning on leaving soon for a short vacay, or important business trip? Are you leaving your pets alone in your house?

All the while, we all have these unpredictable work schedules and responsibilities that sometimes left us no choice to leave our fur babies at home. Fur babies are such clingy animals, they must be fed at the right time, monitored, taken for a walk and their routine must be followed every day.

But what if you are out and can’t longer fulfill your duty and responsibility as a pet owner, or fur parent? Would you mind getting a doggy cruiser with you? Either it’s a cousin, or someone from the family, your closest friends or your partner, it is best to have a doggy cruiser with you to make sure that your fur babies are still well taken care of.

Today, you’ll find out some of the tips and to-dos when you’re leaving your fur babies at home! Check this out!

1 Leave Your Dogs in a Local Vet

Vets aren’t just available for local consulting and medical purposes. They are also good at taking care of your pets if you are away. However, this is typically limited when the clinic isn’t that big enough to cater to your pet, and other pets included. Most likely, the vet clinic is a home for sick fur babies, taking care of a hyper and active little one might be a little overwork for them.

2 Go to a Pet Caring Home

If going to the vet clinic is not an ideal idea, then going to a pet caring home will be best for you. Pet cares are such a trend in society today, it is, in fact, available in all parts of the world. At pet care, it would be a second home for fur babies whose fur parents are away or their fur parents are days away from home.

For their service, you will only have to pay an amount for every day your pet stays with them. It would be a little pricey, I know, but the service would all be worth it. Your pet will get to enjoy to play in an environment with other pets, have their feeding schedules meet, have their walk and siesta time.

3 Take to Your Sister’s Home

If the vet clinic and the daycare are not accessible and convenient. Then it is best to take them to a family member’s house. In that way, you are sure that your fur babies will be well taken care of by somebody you really know and really trust.

You can simply give your family member a list of your pet’s routine, schedule and other things to do during the day. You can also assign someone to be your pet’s doggy cruiser while you’re away and have them clean the house with the use of a vacuum for fur pets at Either your sister, your sister’s nanny or anyone in the family who can do better at being a doggy cruiser.