Educating Our Daughters About Beauty and Skincare

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Your skincare regimen will probably be adapted by your daughter and in some cases, the skincare of a mother will work on her daughter, but sometimes it does not work well on her daughter. Laurie Polis, MD, director of dermatological services at SoHo Skin & Laser Dermatology in New York City, says it’s never too early or too late to encourage a healthy skin regimen for your teen. “It’s important to know that skin changes throughout life. So skin care regimens should be adjusted accordingly,” she says. Which is why it is important provide guidance to your kids since they still have delicate skin. If you are looking for skincare for teenagers that are proven to be safe and effective, you might want to check They provide the list of the top skincare products for those who have oily to combination type of skin. It includes mild and for sensitive skin products that may suit your child well.

Below is the list of skincare advice that a parent must give to his/her daughter in order to avoid skin irritation that may cause severe skin damage.

1. Let them lead the conversation.

When asked whether or not we should teach girls about makeup and beauty, someone said “As long as young women are interested and want to learn, I think it can improve their confidence. They need to speak up and ask, though. Otherwise we run the risk of making someone who’d perhaps prefer a barefaced, natural look feel inadequate.” Most teenage girls who are curious about these subjects will ask, so follow their lead to avoid making them feel self-conscious and help build confidence

2. Indulge their curiosity.

Like most of the moms, they allow their daughters to learn by observation. “My girls,” they says, “like I already assume, are very curious about beauty products and they often notice when I do something different from my usual skincare routine. They will  watch how I apply makeup and ask for a bit themselves.”

3. Have fun with it.

For little girls who are interested in skincare and even makeup, allow them to play. Making makeup taboo may only make them more intrigued and shut down lines of communication. Additionally, you may be missing an opportunity to teach them a few things while having fun.