How Critical Race Theory Affects the US Educational System

The topic concerning critical race theory blew up recently, particularly in K-12, as multiple state legislatures are planning to ban the topic in classrooms. As of now, bills are in the talks among policymakers in order to make it happen.

What Exactly is Critical Race Theory?

Critical Race Theory is a decades-old academic concept that believes race is a social constriction, and racism is simply not prejudice., despite it bing ingrained in policies and legal systems. The principles of critical race theory (CRT) emerged during the late 70s and early 80s as findings of a legal analysis performed legal scholars, led by Richard Delgado, Kimberlé Crenshaw, and Derrick Bell among many others.

An example of this speculation is during the 1930s, when government officials drew lines on areas deemed as poor financial risks, mainly because of the mixed racial composition of the residents. The lines created bias that banks1 used as bases in rejecting mortgage application of the Black people living in those areas.

Critical Race Theory and its Impa11ct on Education

CRT explains how racism shaped public policy in the country, proving the reason why there are discussions that divide races, pitting People of Color against white people. There is increased public awareness particularly because of the events of recent decades. People are more aware with the impacts of criminal justice policy of the 90s, the legacy of Black Americans’ enslavement, and housing segregation.

However, there is no general agreement on what the government should be doing to make amends for past wrongdoings. Adding policies regarding children’s schooling concerning the issues and the debate in the school board have become more strained. School staff are being bombarded with questions about the critical race theory, with significant disagreements from experts about the theory’s precise definition. Moreover, CRT has drawn attention on how the principle influence modern policy and practice inK-12 schools.