Learning Japanese With Anime For Foreigners

Collage of anime shows


Japanese people are not good at English and can’t speak English fluently, but I often see foreigners skillfully manipulating Japanese, which is said to be difficult in the world. At such times, it is how to study that you often hear. This time, foreigners learn Japanese through anime and wearing Naruto Clothes (just kidding, it’s totally up to them lol). I will tell you about the difference between Japanese people who learn English from textbooks.

How to learn a language

Foreigners who learn Japanese through anime are attracted to animation, which is also Japanese culture, and often learn Japanese to understand the meaning and worldview of the words.

This is also the result of being conceived by the culture of japan animation, but the efforts of foreigners who want to learn a language are also a problem of different consciousness.

On the other hand, Japanese people are trying to learn from reference books and textbooks to learn English desperately and understand correct English, but there are very few cases where foreigners can learn Japanese well, and there are many trading company men who can get high scores with toeic, etc., there are a few people who have acquired English skills that are useful at the practical level.

Speaking of what is the difference in how you learn a language, I think that I will learn a language in the part of my interest, such as understanding information, rather than studying as a study that sees and reads a lot and listens a lot. Rather than trying to start with a difficult understanding of grammar, the idea of acquiring words from monomane is no mistake.


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Why kids’ anime is a plus

There are very few people in Japan who have ideas that can help them study anime such as Disney movies. Works using words and grammar to make it easy for children to understand will help you know what simple English is like that anyone can understand.

Using anime, which is a study material that is surely easy to understand rather than entering from reference books that are difficult to understand, is an easy-to-read and easy-to-read teaching material that makes it easy for English beginners to touch a large amount of English and get used to their ears without having to worry about it.

And even if you wipe away your weakness in English and memorize information such as words and grammar, you will not be in a situation where having a preliminary knowledge will show disapprobableness in your efforts in English.


Because children’s programs and anime that are interesting and easy to understand are produced as teaching materials for children to learn, words that are difficult to understand are not used, so it is a recommended teaching material for beginners in English. It is meaningless if you do not master English by doing a lot of difficult reference books and teaching materials. It is also important to learn English by listening to a lot of reading, and improving your English skills from the monomane of anime phrases is an easy way to learn English.