EdSec Vows to Investigate Restrictive Laws Affecting Members of LGBTQ

When Education Seccretary Cardona attended the Transgender Day of Visibility in Orlando, he spoke to LGBT students and families affected by restrictive laws. The most recent being the Don’t Say Gay Bill, which Gov. Ron De Santis approved and enacted in the state of Florida.

Secretary Cardona warned that he intends to investigate the restrictive legislations that outrightly limit the right of the members of the LGBTQ community. He metioned that his warning is not only directed at Florida Gov. De Santis but also at other conservative states poised to pass and enact their own version of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill.

Growing Number of Restrictive and Divisive Laws in the US

Preliminary investigations conducted by the National Youth Law Center revealed that there are around 200 statutory laws that clearly restrict teaching and discussing topics regarded as “divisive.” such as equity, racism, gender activity and sex. Some other laws prevent LGBTQ students in pursuing plans to join sports team. Other restrictions include measures that require gender matching in the use of bathrooms.

Secretary Cardona also mentioned that states controlled by Republican politicians are introducing unacceptable policies that only instill further division in the country instead of promoting harmony to bring people together. The Education Secretary noted that its ironic that these are the same people who are against the wearing of masks, but are also the ones who want their children to mask their real identity.