The Best Gaming Mouse $50 In The Market – What To Look For

Gamers will be able to make the most of their gaming experience with the right and reliable gaming hardware, including the most fitting gaming mouse. The best gaming mouse $50 in the market can provide gamers a different gaming experience compared to using a regular computer mouse. This is because a mouse that is designed for gaming has distinct features that a regular mouse doesn’t and can’t provide.

For instance, the best gaming mouse $50 in the market can better support high CPI as well DPI. Unlike a gaming mouse, a regular mouse has high latency. Additionally, a gaming mouse is more reliable and useful with sensors as it helps in keeping pace with faster mouse movements as compared to a standard mouse. Because of these features and more, the gamer’s gaming experienced is enhanced.

Purchasing a Gaming Mouse

While a gaming mouse is designed for gaming, this doesn’t mean you cannot use it for daily use, such as when you make use of the computer for work or for schooling. In fact, a gaming mouse could even improve your work efficiency since it works better than a standard or regular mouse. With that, below are some essential factor to bear in mind when purchasing a gaming mouse.

  • SENSOR TYPE. Sensors can either be optical or laser. This will be more of a personal preference when deciding which is best. However, many opt for a gaming mouse with an optical sensor because it doesn’t tend to show signs of lag unlike sensors. Moreover, with an optical sensor, users have a mouse sensor as well as a gaming experience that is more reactive.
  • WIRED OR WIRELESS. Wired mouse has improved a lot over the years giving it similar functions and features as a wired mouse. Today, the main difference of a wired mouse and wireless mouse is on the price tag, where wireless mouse tend to cost more than a wired mouse.
  • GAMING STYLE. Your gaming style and needs will determine the features you want in a gaming mouse. For instance, MMO as well as RTS gamers will be needing extra buttons where alternate functions could be assigned. FPS gamers, on the other hand are more focused on swift tracking as well as accuracy.

Other points to consider:

  • Dots Per Inch (DPI) and Counts Per Inch (CPI)
  • Weight of the Mouse
  • Comfort Grip
  • Other Customization such as Lights