The Shift in Traditional to Mobile Education

According to research, online learning will grow exponentially. As of this writing, it is a 165 billion dollar industry but it is projected to reach 275 billion dollars by 2022. On top of that, mobile technology looks promising in revolutionizing education.

Mobile learning basically means that educational materials can be directly accessed using an

  • E-reader
  • A tablet or
  • To your smartphone

Today, there are roughly 600 million people worldwide who are subscribed to applications related to mobile learning.

The market for learning services and products are valued at 5 billion dollars as per 2014 but is projected to reach 70 billion dollars by 2020.

This is really promising figures. This innovation is really convenient actually.

Back then, people and non-government organizations are using in order to transport their materials and equipment to get to out-of-school youth in remote locations. Now, all that has to be done is to set up a smartphone, connect it to the internet and teach students the advantages of mobile learning.

Besides, there are many benefits of using this innovation similar to the following:


These days, there are 80 percent of people have smartphone and 90 percent of millenials have their phones with them all the time. 1/5 of them are communicating using their smartphone. This is a clear indication that it is easier to reach out to people since today, the main mode of interaction is through smartphone over the internet.

Transition to Mobile Industry

Whether you believe it or not, 70 percent of YouTube content being watched is taking place on a mobile device. Malik Ducard, global head of YouTube’s learning and family states that instructional or educational videos are the 3rd most popular category on their website.

He mentioned as well that YouTube channels focused on this category were able to gather an accumulative figure of 500 million views on a daily basis. And in Apple App Store, educational applications are also ranked as the 3rd app category.

Overcoming Resistance

There are many employees who don’t want to be seated long hours in classroom setting. For such individuals, there’s a quick fix now and it is in form of mobile or online learning.