Why Windows OS Is Ideal for Learning

Windows Laptop


Most of the time, when you’re puzzling over purchasing new PCs for your school, you begin by thinking which devices you wish the sound of (whether that’s because they’re the ‘best’ new tech, or purely because they fit within your budget and meet your school’s needs). But before that thought process begins, there should be a step that happens. So as to really get a tool that helps you to urge the foremost from your teachers and students, you need to first understand which package (OS) will facilitate this. And surely, you won’t have to do another msvcr120d dll download to fix a Windows error.

Choose Windows for an OS that’s reliable, highly compatible with other devices, and provides enhanced security measures.

If the subsequent things are important to your IT strategy, then Windows is totally the correct choice:

Better learning outcomes

Create a dynamic learning environment that excites and inspires your students to find out and grow. Enabling better collaboration and communication between them are tools like Microsoft Class Dashboard and OneNote Class Notebook. Whereas enabling you and your colleagues to remain organized and obtain more done are tools like Snap Assist and virtual desktops.

Safety and Security

Features like Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello make it easier than ever to limit access to your devices. Windows 10 also helps protect your information from leaks or theft and provides better ways to assist protect your devices from damaging malware and inappropriate apps.

Simplified Deployment and Management

For 1 classroom or 100, reduce cost and complexity. With simple enrolment, granular policy control, and shared device controls, Windows makes it easy to get, deploy and manage Windows devices in any classroom. With the new Microsoft Intune for Education, you’ll easily set up and manage your shared classroom devices, as Microsoft knows that a lot of your budgets won’t stretch to 1:1 devices.

Reading about the features and benefits of Windows for education is all okay and good, but that doesn’t actually tell you ways you may use it in practice. Here are the highest 10 ways in which Windows can facilitate your rework teaching and learning in your classroom.


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For an all-around better experience, use Office 365 on Windows!

With the third-most desired skill needed for high-growth, high-wage jobs in step with a recent IDC study1, Microsoft Office was rated. And did you recognize that Office works best on Windows?

Not only does using Office on a Windows device help your students to develop the transferable skills they have for the longer-term workplace. But it also helps you to form dynamic lessons and collaborate and communicate better along with your students and fellow teachers.

The choice is yours….

There’s nothing worse than being forced to decide between just a tiny low selection of devices. What if none of them meet your needs, are you alleged to just decide on the one that’s closest? That’s a giant investment to create on devices that you simply ‘think’ will meet just a few of your needs. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have that issue with Windows. You’ll be able to select from an enormous type of devices, altogether different form factors, with all different input methods, to suit every form of budget. With Windows, you’ll be sure that there’s a tool for each style of learning need and magnificence.

There’s little doubt that your school will need quite one kind of device in addition. More flexible working options, more power, and more memory are probably needed for older students than younger students. Differing kinds of lessons will have different requirements. A tablet to form notes or to require pictures on lends itself to lessons like Science or Art, whereas lessons that require more typing like English or History will likely require a laptop or a desktop PC. If all of your devices are Windows devices, your students are going to be able to add the identical way on each device they are available into contact with, despite the brand or device type. All of your apps will work precisely the same – no matter the dimensions of the device, with the same, intuitive experience. Plus, with the facility of OneDrive, your students can start their work on one device and pick it up anon another, easy!

And with device type, the choice doesn’t just stop. Windows is compatible with the widest range of connected devices within the classroom. Put simply, Windows works well with just about everything! you must haven’t had any issues connecting your Windows PC to different keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, and far more, to not mention software! They also work with other components. So if you opt further down the road that you simply need more storage, or RAM, rather than distributing for an entirely new device refresh, you’ll simply upgrade your existing one with new components.

And did you recognize that Microsoft offers free training to assist you to get the foremost out of their technology?

Simply join their Educator Community and you’ll watch free training videos on anything from OneNote to Microsoft Classroom. Find out how to make an improved learning environment with Microsoft tools, in an exceedingly free and straightforward way. You’ll also earn accreditations which may count towards your CPD.